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Sound off for April 9
Leave a short message by calling 912-876-3733, or on a form at and it may be used in Sound off.

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may also anonymously submit a comment online at

"Many of you want to complain about the board of education. Mrs. Baker has done a great job. When you should be complaining about yourselves. You are raising a disrespectful children, that will not do their work, will not listen and will not follow simple instructions. Many of you think the teachers should do more! Let me be the first to say it: ‘If you parents would raise your kids, then the teachers can do their jobs, and the board could do theirs.’"

"Good luck, Mr. Carrier!"

"Trump wants a military parade just like Russia, China and North Korea. We are not an autocratic government, despite what Donald Trump thinks. This is a waste of taxpayer dollars. Maybe Donald should visit China, Russia or North Korea to get his parade fix! Maybe that money could be used for finding homes for homeless vets

"Buddy Carter talks a good game about veterans. He thanks us for our service, but he has never served. He votes against us all the time. He voted against the following bills that would have helped the veterans: Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention Act, Health Benefits and Retirement Pay Restoration Act, Homeless Veteran Reintegration Act and Torture Veterans and Victims Relief Act. He did vote to cut military retirements so we could not collect it until age 62. So, maybe it’s time we vote him out of office."

"Liberty County and the city of Hinesville Georgia don’t need a TSPLOST. For with all the traffic running up and down roads, like Highway 196 West, they would make more money with a gas tax and road tax and environmental tax and toll roads than they would with a TSPLOST."

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