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Sound off for March 28
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These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may also anonymously submit a comment online at

“Since the chief of police has retired, who are you going to appoint, one of those cop haters from the city council?”

“People kill people, not guns. Stop putting these idiots in jail for life and then letting them out on parole, and put them in the chair and fry them, we wouldn’t have half these problems. Set an example.”

“To the caller who doesn’t like the anti-Trump comments in Sound off. Let’s look at the real picture. The number of people who approve of Trump is in the low mid-30 percent nationally. Number of people who disapprove of him is in the mid- to high-50 percent nationally.”

“I recently attended a baseball game at Liberty County High School to watch a friend’s son play. I was in shock at the way the parents acted during the game. One mother was yelling at another team’s player at bat and an assistant principal of the school sat within five feet of her and not once asked her to stop. That was bullying.”

“I had the pleasure of having a kindergarten graduation, middle school, high school and college graduation only to be stationed here to hear that none of these area middle schools have graduation. Why is this so, isn’t this a stepping up for these children? I believe that it should be a part of the middle school culture. Does anyone else agree?”

“What a joke to say that the Obama Administration was the biggest crime spree. Please before you post something, check your facts. Facts don’t have a color. See beyond color and get facts. Watergate was a fact. I wonder what you would call the current administration; maybe crime spree that you can’t see or don’t want to see.”

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