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All quiet at Hampton Island after star-splashed ceremony
Affleck-Lopez ceremony
After a lavish ceremony repeating their vows before friends and family this weekend at his Liberty County home, all was quiet at the Hampton Island entrance following Ben Alfleck and Jennifer Lopez's weekend gala.

All is quiet at the gates of Hampton Island now.

The enclave off Retreat Road, a few miles from Riceboro, was home to likely the most expensive and lavish wedding in Liberty County history after actor Ben Affleck and actress-singer Jennifer Lopez renewed vows at his home Saturday in a weekend-long celebration, according to various news outlets.

Affleck, who has owned a home at Hampton Island since 2003, and Lopez were married a month ago in Las Vegas. They staged a much more elaborate ceremony this weekend at his compound in a remote and secluded portion of southeastern Liberty County.

Their ceremony included a fireworks display Friday night, and the guest list included Affleck’s longtime friend Matt Damon, Lopez’s friend Leah Remini, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and actress Drea de Matteo, according to the New York Post’s Page Six. Director Kevin Smith posted on social media he was in attendance and dressed for the occasion, as guests at the ceremony Saturday donned all-white attire.

The Daily Mail and Page Six reported the ceremony concluded Sunday with a barbecue.

Ambulances were seen leaving the property, one on Friday afternoon and another Saturday evening. Affleck’s mother reportedly fell off a dock and sustained a cut, leading to several stitches. A Liberty County EMS ambulance, with an escort in front and a white SUV trailing behind, was seen headed to Savannah on I-95 early Friday afternoon.

On Saturday, a man was injured at Hampton Island and taken by Liberty County EMS to a nearby hospital. The nature and severity of injuries are unknown.

The ceremony drew the attention of paparazzi and media across the globe. Personnel checked off names on a list before admittance was granted to Hampton Island, and Liberty County sheriff’s deputies also were on hand. 

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