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Lumpkin honored at City Council meeting
City introduces new Clerk
Lumpkin honored
On Feb. 18, City Clerk Sarah Lumpkin received the Lifetime Service Award from the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) in recognition of her 38 years of service to the City of Hinesville.

On Feb. 18, City Clerk Sarah Lumpkin received the Lifetime Service Award from the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) in recognition of her 38 years of service to the City of Hinesville. According to a city release Mrs. Lumpkin's strong work ethic, compassion, grace and leadership has guided many elected and appointed officials in the community.

Lumpkin thanked all her co-workers and gave an emotional farewell speech.

“I will walk away crying,” she said. “But they will be tears of joy because I’ve enjoyed you all. You are my family and I thank you so very much. City Manager Kenneth Howard struggled to hold back his emotions as he shared a story about Lumpkin most people were not aware of.

“She sent me a text in the mornings,” he said. “Around 5:30 in the mornings for the past several years, I received the texts. And what is special about these texts was that she sent these to her family.  And she asked me and she included me in that list…an inspirational text every morning…I just want to say thank you Sarah for being such a great individual for us and especially for me.”

“I’m not sure what I’m going to do on March 2,” Lumpkin said. “Because I won’t see their faces.”

Lumpkin said she was proud of serving the people of Hinesville and enjoyed working with the Mayors and council members throughout the years. Lumpkin said her job with the City allowed her to grow and learn. She noted that it will be the first time she will wake up on March 2 and not have to report to work.

She said she plans to take some time and sort things out.

“I have never been away from work,” she said. “I have worked since I was probably in the eighth grade. “So, I guess I’ll just sit and think about it…I don’t know yet.”

But she said she knows she will remain committed to the current work and projects at her church where she serves as the General Secretary.  Hinesville Mayor Allen Brown read a proclamation naming Lumpkin City Clerk Emeritus.

Afterwards Howard announced the appointment of Lia Jones to the position of City Clerk for the City of Hinesville. Jones, whose appointment is effective March 1, brings with her almost ten years of local government budget planning, records management and meeting management experience. Jones will replace outgoing City Clerk Sarah Lumpkin, who retires on Feb. 26. “As a proven leader, Lia Jones is a welcome addition to the City of Hinesville,” City Manager Howard said. “Her credentials speak to her versatility in records management; plus, she is committed to the City’s transparency and continued success.”

Prior to joining the City of Hinesville, Jones worked for the City of Sandy Springs, Ga. During her tenure with the City of Sandy Springs, Jones was responsible for planning, leading and managing the City’s records management program, while ensuring that departments were knowledgeable of current record retention policies. She managed the application of public record requests, while ensuring compliance with standard operating procedures. Also, Jones aided in supervising the preparation and maintenance of the City's official records and coordinated the administrative functions of the City Clerk’s Office. As the new City Clerk, Jones will be responsible for managing and supervising the receipt of all municipal funds, supervising business licenses and utility fees and maintaining Hinesville’s codes, public records, ordinances and resolutions. “I am a firm believer that teamwork makes the dream work and that hard work and dedication pays off,” Jones said. “I am honored to be a part of the Hinesville team. I intend to apply my value-based leadership approach and enthusiastic personality to an already thriving City. I look forward to greatly contributing to the City’s success.”

Lia Jones
Lia Jones
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