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50 years, still preaching
Pastor Anderson
The Andersons will celebrate 60 year of marriage in November.

It has been half a century since he started this journey, a journey he didn’t initially want to embrace.

“I was playing baseball for the Allenhurst Blue Devils baseball team, but God had other plans for me. My mother didn’t want me to play baseball, especially on Sundays,” said Rev. Dr. C. L. Anderson. Fifty years later, Pastor Anderson is reaping the benefits of switching from playing baseball to preaching and teaching the gospel. Instead of winning baseball games, he is winning souls for Christ.  

In June 1971, he preached his initial sermon at St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church in Hinesville, with the subject of, I am a Poor Boy a Long Way from Home. Since that initial sermon, Pastor Anderson has preached thousands of sermons. During his fifty years in the ministry, Dr. Anderson has served as the Pastor of several churches. Currently, he is the Pastor of St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church in Daisy, Georgia (48 years); Greater Zachariah Baptist Church in Glennville, Georgia (46 years); and the Founder/Pastor of the Good Shepherd Missionary Baptist Church in Allenhurst, Georgia (26 years).

He served as the Moderator of the Tattnall Missionary Baptist Association in Hagan, Georgia, for over thirty years. Presently, Pastor Anderson is the Moderator Emeritus of the Tattnall Association and has served as a vice moderator at the State level, and the liaison for the moderators’ division for the state of Georgia with the National Baptist Convention USA.

Dr. Anderson is a 1960 graduate of Liberty County High School, Midway, Georgia. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Education, Masters in Christian Education and Counseling, and Doctorate Degree in Christian Education and Counseling from Trinity Temple College of Religion in Hinesville in 2005. He has spent many hours attending training sessions at various schools and conventions to better himself as a pastor and servant leader.

Pastor Anderson has preached in the Holy Land, Washington, DC, the state capital in Atlanta, General Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia State Convention, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, and many different cities and towns throughout Georgia. Because of his service to his community and other communities, he was invited by Rep Al Williams to speak at the Legislative Ecumenical Service in Atlanta in January 2015.  Despite preaching before many congregations and audiences, Pastor Anderson loves to say, “I am practicing my preaching.”

He is a retired civil service employee of Fort Stewart, Georgia, and was the first African American locomotive engineer to be hired at the installation. After completing a rewarding civil service career, Pastor Anderson went on to become a Deputy with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department and worked until he retired. He was a fixture at the Liberty County Courthouse entrance, with his warm smile and words of encouragement.

Councilperson Anderson is in his sixth term with the City of  Walthourville, Georgia.  He has also served as mayor pro-tem. During his tenure he has served as the Councilperson over the Recreation and Parks Department and Police Department. 

He is a proven leader and willing servant in Liberty County, as well as other communities, and his reputation goes far beyond the County. He and  his dedicated wife, Helen Moody Anderson (who is always by his side supporting him) have travelled to Africa to do mission work. They are never too busy to lend a helping. After Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Anderson also travelled to Mississippi to take much needed supplies from his churches. Prior to the pandemic, he and Elect Lady Anderson spent every other Wednesday at the nursing home in Glennville, Georgia, ministering to the people.  

Because he has pastored for so many years in Evans County, Tattnall County, and Liberty County, he is known as the community pastor. Despite his busy schedule, he makes the time to perform wedding ceremonies and to eulogize many people who are not members of his churches. His love and compassion have no bounds. 

To show their appreciation for Pastor Anderson and Elect Lady Helen Anderson, his three churches and community leaders gathered on Saturday, June 26 for Elect Lady Anderson’s birthday celebration and Sunday, June 27 for fifty years of ministry celebration at Good Shepherd Missionary Baptist Church. “For my birthday celebration, I wanted to have prayer,” said Elect Lady Helen. Before her birthday drive-up celebration, members spent an hour praying. A woman of prayer, she also joined in and prayed for others. 

During the fifty years celebration on Sunday, Representative Al Williams of District 168 in Midway sent a resolution; Liberty County Board of Commissioner’s Chairperson, Donald Lovette read a proclamation declaring June 27, 2021 as Rev. Dr. C. L. Anderson Day; Mayor Larry Baker and Councilperson Luceria Lovette presented a resolution from the City of Walthourville; Rev. Dr. Artis Carswell (Moderator of the Tattnall Missionary Baptist Association) gave words of appreciation from the Tattnall; and Rev. Dr. James Evans (nephew of the Andersons) read a resolution from the Anderson Family Reunion Committee. Rev. Dr. Stanford Anderson (Pastor of Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in Richmond Hill) who will celebrate fifty years in ministry this year, preached a powerful  sermon from Romans 8:28, It Is All Good.

 A highly sought-after preacher of the gospel, Dr. Anderson is also a gifted singer and lecturer. In 2008, he published his first book, The Autobiography of Rev. Charlie (C. L.) Anderson: I am a Poor Boy a Long Way from Home. A true father in the ministry, Pastor Anderson has birthed many spiritual sons and daughters.  He has a quiet,  humble spirit, and God has gifted him with wisdom, knowledge, understanding, love, and patience.

On November 19, 2021, he and Elect Lady Helen Moody Anderson will celebrate sixty years of marriage. “My husband loves God and God loves him,” she said. They are the proud parents of three children (Phillip, Phylena, and Charlie Jr), several grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

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