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New jail administrator named
Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sikes, left, shakes hands with Bruce Duncan, who recently was named the new jail administrator. - photo by Phgoto by Patty Leon

When Jail Administrator Doug Franks announced his intent to retire, Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sikes said his staff began pouring over applications in search of a suitable replacement. It turns out they didn’t have to look too far.
On Tuesday, Sikes announced that Franks’ former assistant, Bruce Duncan, will take the reins in January.
“You know, we took in about 23 applications, and we sat down and we looked through them. Bruce’s application was included in that pile and … if we can promote from within, well, that’s what it’s all about,” Sikes said during a promotion ceremony at the Liberty County Justice Center.
“Bruce also had the most experience from the applicants we had. It is my pleasure to put this much confidence in him, and I think Bruce will do an excellent job. Our jail is famous throughout the state of Georgia for the way it is run, so who else would run that jail other than the man who learned under the master himself, Mr. Doug Franks, than this man right here, and it is my pleasure to promote him.”
Duncan has worked at the jail since 1988.
“That was my job since day one,” Duncan said. “I worked my way through every position at the jail, from corrections officer to transport officer and the police academy for deputy sheriff. Then I was named the assistant jail administrator around 1993. I guess this is my final progression before I retire with the department.”
Duncan said it shouldn’t be a tough transition for his department as he takes up his new position.
“I’ll be running the department now, but I don’t foresee any major changes,” he said. “Mr. Franks was doing a good job while he was here, and there are a lot of his policies and things that I plan to keep in place.”
With Duncan moving up, 20-year veteran Lisa Boyd was promoted to captain and made the assistant jail administrator. Boyd said she has worked all 20 years at the jail. She came in as an entry-level officer and worked her way to shift sergeant. Later, she was promoted to booking sergeant, a lieutenant and now the assistant jail administrator.
Lyn Long, who has 13 years with the LCSO, was named the new booking sergeant. She started off as a radio operator when the jail was located within Hinesville’s city limits. She also worked at the clerk of courts office for a while before returning to the LCSO.
While Duncan doesn’t expect any major changes, he said he is looking to make improvements.
“I’m going to sit down with my other supervisors and brainstorm new ideas to make the department run better,” Duncan said.
Franks is just one of two long-time department heads planning to retire in January. During the ceremony, Sikes announced the department’s new chief deputy, who will replace Keith Moran. Read that story in Sunday’s Coastal Courier.

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