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'Toy' stolen AR-15 style rifle causes stir
Hinesville Police blotters
These reports were taken from recent Hinesville PD incident reports.

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Suspicious act: This one is crazy. An officer was sent to an Olive Street address "in reference to an individual throwing away a toy machine gun (by) accident that did not belong to them."

The complainant said she accidentally threw the machine gun away and "said she believes if (the owner) returned to the residence he would accuse her of stealing it," the report said. "(She) said the gun has been on the front porch for the longest of time but she was unable to tell me for how long. (She) went on to say she placed the gun out by the trash on (Feb. 11 at 9:30 p.m.) She went out to remove it from the trash on (Feb. 12) prior to calling 911 but it was no longer there.

"(She) could not tell me much about the gun besides it was a rifle," the report said. "(Her brother-in-law) arrived on scene and was able to provide more information in reference to the gun. (He) stated it was not a toy gun, it was real. (He) said it was an AR-15 style gun painted olive green and he believes it was a .22 caliber. (He) went on to say the gun did not function well and he did not know if it even worked."

Neither the man nor woman could tell the officer anything else about the weapon, and said the owner "found the gun but did not know where from."

Suspicious activity: A woman called police Feb. 7 on a nail salon on Highway 84. The woman told the reporting officer she was paying for her daughter’s manicure with a Visa. "(The mother) stated when she gave the employee … her card she began to act strange (walking back and forth) and then asked (the mother) to enter her PIN number."

The woman did so, and got a receipt for $126. The woman said it was only supposed to be $35, so she questioned it and got a refund.

Not the end of story: The woman called police after she realized the total amount she was first charged included her PIN number, entered as a tip.

"(She) stated she has never had to enter her pin number before and has been going to the business for years. (She) stated she then called 911 because she thought the incident was suspicious."

Theft by taking: Police were sent to Love of Jesus Ministry Church on Feb. 12 because someone stole a trailer from its parking lot.

The complainant said he had parked his "14-foot Big Tex Dump Trailer" at the church after getting permission from the church "to use the parking lot for storage of his construction equipment. (He) stated the trailer was backed into a parking space and locked on (Feb. 8) and when he arrived (the morning of Feb. 12) the trailer was missing."

The church had video cameras, and they showed a pickup pull into the parking lot of Love of Jesus Ministry shortly before 7 p.m.

"The pickup parked in the parking lot briefly, before leaving," the report said, before noting about four minutes later the pickup returned. "At approximately 1930 hours, the pickup leaves with the trailer attached and travels westbound."

Police are investigating.

Shoplifting: Walmart reported Feb. 12 that a man "attempted to walk out of the store with a women’s hair care product after purchasing a pair of flip flips," a report said, noting the hair care product was "valued at $49.98 before taxes and was able to be recovered (sold)."

The man was arrested for an incident earlier in the day "where he shoplifted the same product and returned it at the customer service desk)," the report said. He was arrested and charged again.

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