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Woman steals cat right out of store
Hinesville PD blotter for Feb. 12
These reports are from incident reports written by Hinesville Police officers. - photo by Stock photo

From recent Hinesville Police Department reports:

Theft: A PetSmart employee reported someone stole a cat Jan. 14. The man said the "older white female" came in wanting to adopt a cat, and was "showed several cats and stated she wanted to buy a domestic short haired cat named Ross. She was told the cat would cost her $100 and she stated that she did not have that much money on her person. The woman left the store saying she was going to an ATM."

The woman came back about five minutes before closing time, filled out the paperwork and "requested to play with the cat while (the store employee) made copies of the paperwork. (He) let her play with the cat, but when he returned she was leaving the store with the cat in her hands."

The man said he tried to go after her but she got into a car and drove away. The clerk said he didn’t call police last night because she left a phone number and he "was hoping it was just a misunderstanding."

But "after several attempts to contact the woman and speaking to his manager he believed the woman stole the cat."

The officer tried to call the woman as well, but had no luck. The PetSmart employee was given a case number.

Simple battery: An officer was called Jan. 11 to a Hampton Street address regarding a woman who wanted to document her brother’s big mouth "so she has more evidence to bring to court when she files for an eviction notice."

The woman claimed her brother "kept instigating arguments with her," the officer was told, and "’all he does is continuously run his mouth.’"

The officer talked to the brother, who was on the back porch. He showed the officer "the inside of his upper lip where I observed that blood had risen to the surface of his skin, but there was no broken skin," the officer reported.

The brother claimed the sister "put him in the conversation," by telling her husband "‘That person acts just like my brother,’" the report said. The brother said he asked what that was supposed to mean and his sister pushed him and hit him in his face.

Everybody was given a case number and the brother was told how to get a warrant.

Criminal trespass: A Grandview Drive woman reported Jan. 12 she found "damage the size of a small golf ball on both the left and right sides of her fenced-in back yard. She said the damage was possibly done by a stray bullet, she was not sure," the report said.

The woman said she last saw her fence "intact" the night before and was sure the damage occurred overnight, "even though she did not hear any gun shots in the area."

A police lieutenant arrived and determined the damage "appeared to be caused by a high powered bow/arrow and not a bullet." Photos were taken for the record, a detective was briefed.

Suspicious acts: An officer was sent to a Hinesville residence on Jan 12 because a man had called a funeral home and told them he was at the home and the man who lived there was dead. The officer was told the caller to the funeral home had said he didn’t want police involved. When the officer arrived, he found the man’s granddaughter there and told her that her deceased grandfather was supposed to be inside.

"She advised me that she had been alone in the residence since she arrived home from school," the report said, noting she gave police permission to search the home.

That search came up empty, and then police called the grandfather, who assured them he "was alive and well."

Police then got hold of the (reportedly) deceased man’s daughter, who said the man who called the funeral home "has a romantic attraction toward her that has not been returned. (She) said (he) often attempts to contact her on different pretenses," the report said.

Attempts to reach that man or representatives of the funeral home were unsuccessful at the time of the report, but the reporting officer was uncertain whether "this was a form of harassment against (the grandfather or his daughter)."

Burglary: A Brantley Drive woman reported Jan. 12 that "everything" in her mobile home was taken.

The woman said she didn’t live there all the time and "was in the process of moving out of the residence, but goes to the residence to check it daily when she is not staying there."

The woman said it was fine last time she checked, but on the day of the report she got there "the front door was open … and everything was missing."

The woman was asked to define "everything" and she "said she meant everything, like the furniture, pictures off the walls, a bed and a washer and dryer."

After listing all the stuff that wasn’t there anymore, the woman said she was behind on her rent by a month, but had an agreement with the landlord that she could stay there until Feb. 5.

A witness said he saw a pickup with a washer and dryer loaded on the back "but thought it was just the residents moving their items out of the residence." Police are investigating.

Battery: A woman went to HPD on Jan. 14 to report a fight with her husband. She said the fight happened the day before "while at their residence … she was trying to log into the security system on the wall. (Her husband) began arguing with her stating ‘you are doing it wrong’ and pushed her away from the system. When she tried to approach the system again he pushed her a second time. She pushed him back and they began to scuffle, falling to the ground. They began hitting each other …."

The woman had visible injuries and "she stated (her husband) had a bloody lip after the altercation."

And, "She also advised (her husband) had the children scratch her out of a drawing the night prior stating ‘she is not here so she does not need to be in a picture.’"

"She stated she needed the report made for when she goes to court and did not want to press charges against (her husband)."

The officer gave the woman a case number and noted in the report he would try to contact the husband.

Theft: A woman went to HPD on Feb. 14 to report that a classmate texted her the night before to see if "she had change for a $100 bill."

The woman said she didn’t, but replied she would go with him to an ATM to get change. They met at a Clyde’s on E.G. Miles Parkway, she pulled the money from an ATM and they "exchanged the currency."

Later, the woman realized "that the $100 was fake due to the bill having ‘for motion picture use only’ printed on the front of the bill."

The woman said she texted the man and told him to return her money. He agreed, but hadn’t. The woman gave the bill to the cops as evidence and she was given a case number, etc.

Criminal trespass: An officer was sent late at night Jan. 14 to the Econo Lodge regarding a disturbance. There, he met a woman who said she "allowed a male by the name of ‘Fifty’ to use a hotel room in her name for one night, and that Fifty would pay for the room. The next morning, Fifty did not pay (her) for the room, causing (her) to pay $89 for the room. (She) confronted Fifty about the room prior to my arrival, and they began to argue. Fifty then walked over to (her car) and threw a small rock at the rear windshield. The rock left small scratches on the rear window. I observed said damage," the officer reported.

"(The woman) then yelled at Fifty and told him to stop. Fifty stated that he would pull a gun, and shoot her, but also stated that he did not have a gun. Fifty then departed the area was not on scene when I arrived."

The woman told the officer she was from out of town and didn’t want a copy of a police report or to press charges against Fifty.

She was given a case number anyway.

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